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Breakfast on the run: Giant Sultana and Oat cookies

Yum – I’m missing these giant sultana and oat cookies I baked for work a few months back for a fundraiser. Sometimes if you don’t have time for breakfast a baked item can be ok occasionally. You just need to watch for the oil or fats used in the treat as they be a super nourishing cookie, which could be a drawback for your diet and your daily fat total can add up quickly before lunch, especially if you are watching your weight, it all adds up. I originally made these cookies for the nurses I work with, as they are always working hard without having had breakfast. This cookie would also suit anyone who is working hard, working out, or learning hard on the schoolyard. With the nurses I work with, a lot of them work long shifts and because they have to put other people first, they sometimes skip breakfast and lunch too. So I got the idea to make a breakfast cookie, but healthy. I used a recipe from the taste website – you can view it here. -> Taste recipe

For this recipe I replaced butter with Meadow Lea buttery cook and bake click here for product info which is better for your heart. I’ve used rice bran oil in the past as well to make these and my Vegan Anzacs and they still always come out on top taste wise. I have no affiliation with Meadow Lea, the Rice bran oil company or Taste. Just saying.

I also added some pepitas and other nuts into the mix like a couple walnuts. You could also add pecans or dates if you like for a fudgey hit.

The verdict: Not bad! I had some nurses comment they were pretty awesome, a couple even went home for their kids lunch boxes.

The fibre content in the cookie from the oats is also very good for hitting the daily fibre requirement to protect against cholesterol and other nasties like bowel cancers.

I call them the cardio protective, healthy cookie. These cookies raised about $200 towards my fundraiser for the cycle for education which is a world vision fundraiser for primary school education kits. You can read more about this if you like via this link.

But yeah, healthy baking can be done and it’s something so many people should know more about. Especially when you feel like you need a healthy treat!




A is for Avocado

I have decided to write an A – Z on food/diet topics, and the first post I am going to make around this is on Avocado.

My friend Carlos (who sounds Spanish but is actually Malaysian Chinese) asked me a question about avocados and their role in weight loss, around the topic of clean eating a couple months back and I’ve been thinking about this ever since.

Australians are mad about avocados. There is a serious lack of avocado on toast in the northern hemisphere, unless its in an antipodean cafe (where they get the avo obsession), or in mexican eateries. Or in a fancy food feed like that of Alan Passard from Arpege in Paris where I viewed this lovely avocado and vanilla souffle desert recently

So why are we so obsessed?

Avocados are deliciously creamy, and a pretty healthy food. The benefits of eating avocado come from the high monounsaturated fat content. Avocados also contain Polyunsaturated and Saturated fats, in smaller amounts. In essence its down to food chemistry. Monounsaturated fats have been shown to be cardio protective. For more info on the specific nutrition including a vitamin breakdown have a look at this great interactive rollover graphic courtesy of the Australian Avocado association, here

What are they good for? Raw food diets, breakfast, cardiovascular disease or weight loss diets (in sensible portions of course), the obvious raw food meals like salads and not so obvious but more unusual substitution in sweets i.e.. in chocolate mousses or smoothies for example. Its a bit versatile, and can be classic or unconventional – and I think thats what we like about it, besides its good creamy taste which is actually healthy for you.

How to enjoy Avocados? Replace traditional spreads like butter or margarine with the green goodness – on bread, toast or sandwiches. Blend it in a smoothie with almonds and oatmeal, mash it into potatoes, or mix it into cake batter or icing. The options are great, and the health benefits are worthwhile. Good for you. And so green.

Recipes to follow.