C is for Cold!!! Its.. soo. cold.

It is so cold in Sydney right now.
The puffa jackets are out, beanies and gloves on.

Winter here feels colder because the houses don’t have heating like they do in the UK. A few of my friends who have come home from the UK have mentioned this to me and I agree it feels colder here sometimes. Today I am wearing a thermal top, cotton overlay hood, a chunky knit, and my coat. Four layers. And I am just right.

Bondi, last winter. BRRRRR...

Bondi, last winter. BRRRRR…


My local beach, one glorious morning last summer


The next post I am writing is one on breakfast and how useful it is. And all my favourite types and styles of breakfast foods.

Australian life wouldn’t be anything without a weekend beach walk. I am lucky to live on the East coast near the water and having a morning walk is something I like to do often when the weather permits. Walking by the sea is naturally so good for you, wouldn’t you agree?

Theres just something about the salty air and the sounds of the beach that can really be soothing and uplifting.
Its pretty chilly for a beach walk now that its winter, but I always like to look over my summer photos to remind me that it won’t be long till the warmer weather is here! Heres another great pic I took out at Bondi last summer – this day was so awesome. Friends, sun, and beach life..

Summer,  I wish you were here.. I really can’t wait to see you again!! x



B is for Beach.. and Breakfast