I owe my life to bullet journalling right now. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with things to do, journalling is a great way to organise your thoughts and get things done.

But ‘Bullet Journalling’ is another way of to do listing your life. So I have always been a bit of a list maker but lately I have been trying to complete my lists that day. The other thing I have been doing is instead of using a normal book, I have taken to writing up my lists on small square pads of paper. Sometimes of the sticky note kind. If its not square its okay too..  Because they are disposable I figure I have to do everything on the list in the moment rather than keeping it in a book that I don’t open. The smaller the better, as it helps me to condense what I need to put down, into the smaller space. Even my colleagues have noticed I do this with patient energy and protein requirements.. sometimes there is a trail of post it notes after a day at work… which I stick in my work journal.

Try it. Or read about it here and don’t. Your choice!

Bullet journalling, I owe you.



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