Tonight I assembled the best meal ever!!

This week for me has been pretty good but like most people this time of year, I feel like life is pretty constant. 

This evening after gym I decided to cook myself something awesome and healthy, I’m trying to improve my veg intake but I hadn’t cooked anything. I was also late home and a bit hungry. I knew it was a risk going to the shops a bit hungry so I decided on salmon before I got in there. 

So a quick excursion to the shops and I came home with: 

2 salmon fillets (skin on)

1 small (400gm) bag of pre packed Woolworths new (red) potatoes, the ones you can cook inside the bag. 

1 small (150gm) bag of baby spinach 

I had a bunch of asparagus and some broccolini and mushrooms in the fridge 

Step 1. Super tired and felt like I should have bought some sushi instead (hungry!) but decided this would be a time trial and prepared myself mentally. The first thing I did was put the potatoes in the microwave and set it to cook for 8 minutes. 

Then I washed the asparagus and broccolini and trimmed the stalks. I sliced two mushrooms and placed them into the non stick pan with a drizzle of rice bran oil. After tossing these around for a minute I added water and a lid to steam cook them. When the stalks were really green and the mushroom soft I transferred them to a casserole dish. 

Then, I washed the fish briefly under the tap and placed it on some paper towelling on a plate to dry it. Once it was dry, freshly cracked rock salt was added to the skin side. 

The same pan for the veggies was used to cook the fish – I used a little rice bran oil to cook this in, just so the skin can get crispy. You could use EVOO instead, but we have rice bran oil for its multipurpose nature. The fish took about 10 mins, I can’t say exactly how long but I think the microwave beeped a few times so it must have been at least 10 mins – I sautéed the skin side first until crisp then turned it to either side before flipping it over. 

Spinach & Walnut salad – I did this one a while ago but I should mentioned it again here – take the leaves of spinach and wash and dry them. Place in a small salad bowl. At this point I was thinking,”I’m almost there, plus I may have lunch for tomorrow which is a bonus !

In a small sauce pan heat 1 tablespoon of rice bran oil. Add 2-3 Tablespoons of walnuts or enough to cover the base of the pan. Heat on medium high until the aroma from the nuts is releasing, this recipe smells really good when you are making it!  Take the walnuts of the heat when they are changed in colour or a bit toasty. Place on top of the spinach leaves after cooling for 10 mins. Drizzle with balsamic or red wine vinegar and one teaspoon of honey drizzled ontop. Mix well. 

On your plate, arrange the salad leaves in a small mound in the centre of the bowl, add mushrooms and asparagus to the sides and a couple of new potatoes. 

Top with the salmon and season to taste. 

This made two salmon fillets and enough potatoes for tomorrow’s lunch! Operation get LEAN has officially begun with that wonderful receipe ! 


Jill x