Sushi at home

Today I made slow roasted pumpkin, sun dried tomato and cream cheese sushi. Sushi at home is so easy to make in summer and such an easy meal to make on a budget.  Its a good recipe to make while you are at home during the day, if you are working on a project, or if you are simply chilling, as there are a few steps to do and different stages. At the moment I’m at home recovering from an ankle sprain so I have the time, and a couple of helpers to help me with the cooking. I once had this combination at a great little Japanese restaurant in Randwick and its one of my favourite combinations for vegetarian sushi.

You will need:
Sushi rice (medium grain brown or white rice), cooked and cooled
1 sushi mat
1 packet of nori (seaweed)

Pumpkin, 2-3 large roasted pieces
Sun dried tomatoes, 50gm
Cucumber, sliced
1-2 slices from a block of Philly cream cheese (I used the light one), you won’t be eating the whole block over lunch

Cook the rice according to the directions on the packet and after the rice is cooked, sprinkle the rice with 3-4 Tablespoons of sushi vinegar and leave to cool.

We used 4 cups of rice for 6 people and probably about 1/2 a cup of vinegar.

I would recommend using a small amount of vinegar initially like 2 Tablespoons per cup of cooked rice. This step is best done in the morning, before anything else.

At the same time, I would also prepare the pumpkin. My local shop has pre peeled and cut wedges of pumpkin which are always convenient for roasting. I still have a big bunch of herbs from when my friend Elda the dietitian came to visit last week to see how I was going and showed me her recipe for home made pesto so I used some of the rosemary and sage to make the roasted pumpkin extra fragrant.
I crunched the herbs up in my hands (called bruising), to release their herb oils, and rubbed them onto the pumpkin. With a drizzle of olive oil plus some salt, the pumpkin was ready to go.
I roasted it in the 200deg. oven for about 40 mins, or until it was soft and starting to brown.

Once you have the rice, and the pumpkin ready, and they have both cooled bit, you are ready to roll. Use a clean plate or a chopping board.

Place the nori on the mat then add the rice, about 1/2 cup per sheet.
Use the back of a spoon to spread the rice out over the surface of the sheet, leaving a small space about 2 inches, uncovered. Think of it like an envelope flap.

Once you have the rice evenly spread out on the nori, in the middle of the sheet, place your fillings in a small area about 2 cm. You want to stack it a little rather than spreading it out.

Alternate your vegetables and protein – on this one I put the cucumber down first, followed by the cream cheese, pumpkin, and sun dried tomato.

Once its lined up, you’re ready to roll.

Pull the nori sheet up with the mat and roll it overtaking sure to keep a firm grip on the sheet as you roll it. Use the mat to help you to keep the roll structured. Keep rolling it until the nori flap seals the sushi in.
Cut in half to serve as rolls or into individual slices for share plates.

We also used tomato and onion tuna with sundried tomato and cucumber which was nice, and classic tuna, avocado and tuna and mayo.

We also have made aburi salmon sushi at home with the help of my brother and his trusty blow torch but thats a recipe for another time!







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