Rainbow Garden Quinoa Kale Bowls 

I work really long hours sometimes like most working people. So I find it important to have some basics in the fridge all the time. Last week I had some quinoa left in the fridge and kale from the pumpkin salad. I felt like bi bim bap but decided to make it with the quinoa to finish it off. This was the result. 

The day before I had eaten toast for dinner – leftover curry plus some extra veggies 

I pan fried one asparagus bunch and some cherry tomatoes and sliced up half an avo    
  Added feta cubes and then thought it could do with an extra protein hit- so I friend an egg on top 


breaking into the yolk


that runny yolk


my flatmate had this one with pork!


Then, packed lunch the next day adding some extra sweet potato and blanched red cabbage (topped with Sricha chilli sauce)  

I had sprouted mung beans I bought from the green grocers as well which added a fresh element 



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