the first mango of the season

Have you had your first mango of the season? I have. Its becoming really warm and lovely here now in Sydney. Its the kind of weather that makes us want to be outdoors with friends and good food.. We recently had the October long weekend here and I caught up with some old friends for a BBQ. So. This first mango. How did I eat it? It was roughly cut in a chunky style in a salad with equally chunky avocado pieces, served with marinated BBQed chicken.. and a tangy mustard dressing accompaniment.

It was delicious. A perfect long weekend dish. Trying to get a picture up here.
There are other fantastic combinations for salads you can use –

feta and watermelon
blueberry and grilled asparagus (one of my faves)
pomegranate and orange, with rocket
rockmelon … super refreshing.

prawns and seafood work well with these combos as well, for the pescetarians!

Now have a big mango craving… so excited for summer!!


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